Re: Glue-on boots with pads

Maxine McArthur

Update: the front glue-ons came off again within a couple of days, despite extra care drying both dorsal wall and shell, new tube of glue. Back to the drawing board for sure. The hinds are still on at two weeks today and counting. Same prep, same pads, same glue as the fronts. I've posted a photo in her case history album--those suckers are solid, despite gooey mud, gallops up rocky hills, and gaps between boot and wall at the heel quarters. Sometimes the universe just likes to tease us, I'm convinced. (I've probably jinxed myself now and they'll be gone when I go to check this afternoon, haha.)

Maxine and Indy (PPID) and Dangles (PPID)

Canberra, Australia 2010

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