Supportive releasing pad options?

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Lavina,  thank you for your wonderfully informative comment to my last question! I learned a lot which was my goal ☺️ So thank you! ☺️

Regarding pads, what types of materials would provide support but still allow for pressure and release?  And does such a thing exist in a low profile that could be used in boots?   I’m not thinking a wedge pad per se. But if such a material exists I suppose it could be glued together in several layers to create the desired wedge height. What comes to mind right off is rubber. 🧐🤔

I’ve wandered around hardware stores and auto parts stores and craft stores and wondered about the utility of some of the items. Just wondering if there’s a material that works wonderfully that I haven’t yet found mentioned in a post this group. 🙂

Thanks so much! 
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