Boot for horse with steep angle on a front hoof


Can anyone suggest a hoof boot for a horse with  high heels and a steep angle? She has a bit of high low syndrome. I've sent pictures to scoot boot and they told me that their boots won't work for my horse. I making due with a pair of easyboot gloves. But it's hard to get  her toe  all the way to the front, even though the width is right (and I have the wide version). After walking around in them a bit her toe seems to slip into the front, but the gaiter around the ankle is very loose and gaping. I'd like to leave them on full time until she gets sound, but I'm afraid she'll catch the gaiter on something, so they come off at night. And I'm also worried that because it may be a bit loose in the toe, that the break over is in the wrong place, which isn't helping her with her heel first landing. You can see pictures of her hoof in Ella's photos. It's her right front that is the problem.
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