Re: Supportive releasing pad options?


Joella, there are All types of pads.  Easy boot has comfort pads, 3 densities. Another company is HoofPads?  Can not quite remember.  I have had clients use yoga mats, the puzzle mates for long term standing even carpet.  It all depends on what your horse needs.  I work on a foundered horse that has rock hard hooves. I tried using a baby diper in his Trails.  Cut to fit, then added water.  Did not know that the inside part would swell up so much.  Then since the diper was cut, all the inside squished out.  What a sight.  It still did what i wanted, soften the hoof.  Next i tried a med feminan pad.  That worked a lot better.  The thing about hooves, is you really need to think out of the box.  It helps alot to ask question, as you are doing.  Good luck 
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