Re: Boot for horse with steep angle on a front hoof

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Susan,

That's going to be a tough one as the majority of the boots are designed to be used on feet where the trim is pretty optimal, which means the heels are the appropriate height. Your best bet is going to be one of the rehab-type boots like the EasyCare Clouds or the Soft Rides as these have a more forgiving fit.

All boots should have a good bevel added to the treads at the toe to help get the breakover into the correct place. More on that here:

In the rads from 8-2020, there was slight rotation of the RF, so she needed to have the heels lowered a bit to correct that.  From the 6-2020 pix in her album, all the toes needed to come back more, heels were underrun, flares present on all four feet - all of which is going to make boot sizing very difficult.


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