Re: collateral ligament, arthritis coffin bone

Daisy Shepherd

 thank you lavinia .whisper is a horse i gave away about 2 1/2 years ago; he just was not happy with steady work, i was his 9th owner in his 10 1/2 years;  it was  about 8 months before  i gave him away he was dx with ultrasound of collateral ligament issue tx with shock wave with much improvement  and was sound when he left.  i see him on a regular basis as he still holds my heart. he is bare foot, does lite trail riding and is quite happy.  he started being gimpy about 6 weeks ago and was in need of trimming for about 2 months, his owner does her own trimming , does a really good job but had multiple health problems that all came together so was behind on her trimming. when i lunged him he was quite happy to w,t,c both directions, could see gimpness both directions but only from right front which is where the original ligament occurred  ;  he got his trim and greatly improved  but not gone.  he does not react when leg is palpated. i paid for a vet call,  she said from exam he looked improved, had some arthritic changes of coffin bone, felt it was more arthritic than ligament. when  the vet texted me she did not say she did xray i just assumed and i have not heard back from her.  plan is to do  lite exercise 3 to 4x per week and see how he is in about 6 weeks ,he is 17 years.  i will pay for his supplement to help with arthritis, also will keep up with his trim.  any arthritis supplement suggestion greatly appreciated, i will always have his best interest in my heart. if i get xray info what is your email?  thank you so much, daisy and tiko and whisper

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