Re: Cavallo Simple Boots Are Uncomfortable

Jeanne Q

Hi Judy
Glory and I are both loving the Equine Fusion Recovery boots.  She has been turned out in them for the last four days in a fresh snow.  The boot tread does not collect snow and has better traction than the Clouds.  She seems more comfortable than in her Clouds, which is huge!  The neoprene top allows for hooves not perfectly shaped, like Glory, as it stretches to conform.  The elastic strap is an interesting design that wraps up the hoof wall to conform the neoprene to the hoof.  The top is close fitting so snow doesnt get in.  Break over is better than the Clouds but I still will be taking a rasp to the toe of the boot to get an even earlier breakover.  My only reservation is the zippers.  So far they have worked fine but my experience with zippers and horse boots tells me this may become a problem.  They are not 100% waterproof.   Rather, I would say water resistant.  Glory was just a the top measurement of size 11 so I had them send sizes 11 and 12.  The 12 is perfect for putting in a thick wool pad or 12mm Comfort Pads and then a wool sock on her hoof.  Im keeping both pairs as I like them so much.  Hope this helps!  Best of luck!!


Jeanne and Glory
Jan 2020 

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