Re: Glue-on boots with pads

Sherry Morse

Hi Shirley,

First things first.  If you want to add your Case History and album link to your signature for this group you'll need to edit your signature for this group the same way you would for the main group, other than going to the membership page for this group:

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Now to your questions:

1 - boots for riding in - you need to start by having a good trim on your horse.  Looking at the pictures you posted in the Case History group ( Olaf had long toes in addition to no sole.  Has that been corrected since those x-rays were done?  If not, you can find him boots to ride in but keep in mind that once the trim has been fixed he will probably need a different fit.  Were he mine and still sore even in Soft Rides I would not be looking to invest in riding boots for him ight now.
2 - Regardless of trim the correct boots for your horse are the ones that fit him and not all boots fit all horses.  Renegades, the various Easyboots and Scoots are all good options for riding, but not every horse will fit into every boot so you need to measure him after a trim and then use those measurements to see what your options are.  If you can find a local dealer Scoots seems to be the most forgiving on sizing and they should offer a trial program so you can confirm sizing.
3 - IMO your ACTH results are suspect since the TRH test was done in the midst of the seasonal rise.  Were Olaf my horse now that we're past the seasonal rise I'd stop the Prascend for at least 3 weeks and then retest him to see what his ACTH level actually is. 

Having said all that, Olaf's biggest issues IMO looking at his x-rays were the lack of sole and the length of his toes which could contribute to him being sore even now.  If you could get current hoof pictures following the outlines in the Wiki and post those and then request markups on the main group ( Lavinia will be able to help you get his trim corrected.  That's going to be the biggest contributor to helping him grow more sole.  Soft Rides are not designed to be ridden in (and again, if he's sore in them he's too sore to be ridden). 

Sherry and Scutch (and Scarlet over the bridge)
EC Primary Response 
PA 2014

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