Re: Cavallo Simple Boots Are Uncomfortable

Collaeyn Hazen

Hi Judy,

One of my boarders tried Cavallos so I had a chance to check them out/try them on,  but I feel like if a hoof has heels that don't fit perfectly, they are very rigid in the back and will be uncomfortable. I did rehab in clouds then Easyboot RX (which are much lighter and to me, seemed to last longer than clouds - and less expensive), then went to scoot boots and for a while flex boots. We now ride in flex boots as my horse's hooves aren't suitably shaped for scoots but the scoots provided a lot of drainage which was nice for long term turnout. 

Collaeyn, Monty, Shark, and Duke
Sewell, NJ
June 2020   (Monty pics)   (Shark pics)

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