Re: Cavallo Simple Boots Are Uncomfortable

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Think of hoof boots as being like our plain rubber boots - work to protect from the elements and hard ground but unless they are lined, your feet freeze in them when the temps drop. None of the hoof boots are going to provide warmth by themselves because none of them are insulated. Although all the boots provide some degree of concussive/wear protection, you need to add socks or some other type of insulating layer inside the boot to provide the warmth factor. You can also use shipping boots that cover the foot to help with insulation. How much insulation is needed depends on how sensitive to the cold a particular individual is.

Definitely use blankets on the horse as that keeps the body itself warm so that there is less of a demand for blood to be shunted away from the extremities to conserve heat for the body core.

Jan 2005, RI

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