Re: Cavallo Simple Boots Are Uncomfortable

Kirsten Rasmussen

Although that said, if he's ok at -20C then you're probably not going to get winter laminitis with Bugsy.  The only time Shaku shows tenderness in the winter is when the ground freezes and gets icy, otherwise cold temps and snow don't bother him at all.  So that might be Bugsy's situation, too?

The Flexboots ARE nice for underrun heels though since how tight you fasten them at the back is customized to the horse's hoof, where other boots could rub the heel bulbs more...

Bobbie, I also bought a pair of Cavellos at 40% off, I just couldn't resist the "Bling" ELB model for fun, but not likely to do much riding in them...they are too pretty!

Kirsten Rasmussen
Kitimat, BC, Canada

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