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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Shirley,

No worries and no apologies necessary. Sorry you are experiencing difficulties. Please don't hesitate to just let us know where you are stuck so we can get you and Olaf the help you need.

You are currently posting on the ECIR Hoof sub-group, which is for horses that are neither IR nor PPID, plus for all general discussions regarding feet: booting pros and cons, types of boots, general trim discussions, etc. Sherry has already provided answers to your most recent questions regarding booting. Hopefully, that will get you started.

Any specific questions you have regarding Olaf would be better asked on the main ECIR group, where all discussions regarding horses with IR/PPID are held. Here's the link to the messages there:

Did you see the Welcome Message that was posted to you on the main ECIR group? If not, here's the link to it:

That message contains a LOT of info that may answer many of your questions. If not, please don't be shy about asking for what you need.

Regarding Olaf's trim: the toes are still much too long horizontally. There is also sinking, which is part of the reason he is having difficulties with sole depth. The soles are not as thin as it may appear at first becuse the radiographs are being taken from below the foot and are shooting thru the blocks he is standing on, which are obscuring some of the sole that is present. There are definite wall flares present, as well as some medio-lateral imbalances. All of that is fixable with the correct trim. The "white line disease" that you were seeing was more likely stretched white line due to the extensive laminar wedge that is present, rather than to actual white line disease. It won't be permanently fixed until the trim realigns the hoof capsule so that it tightly conforms to the structures within. Then the damaged material needs to grow out.

As Sherry mentioned, his TRH stim test results are questionable as the test was run in Sept 2020, which is during the fall seasonal rise period, when there are no seasonally adjusted lab references ranges available to compare the results against. He is, however, compensated IR based on his insulin and glucose test results. Was the blood work pulled fasting or non-fasting?

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