Alicia Harlov

Someone in one of my FB groups is asking about BoneKare, a K1 supplement for horses to help repair bone as well as build up bone density (website claims with a guarantee). The example given was P3 bone loss and fractured P3. 

My "gimmick" flags are going haywire, although the website claims veterinarians use it and recommend it, and podiatrist Dr. Taylor really likes it (or so her previous vet tech says). 

Calcium: 3.6%-4.6%
Phosphorus: 2.7% (minimum)
Vitamin D3, minimum 172mg/lb
Vitamin K1, minimum 54mg/lb
Serving size 25-50g depending on age. 

Is there any reason this should repair bone? Someone mentioned vitamin K being used in human osteoporosis cases. 


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