Mechanical founder

Maria Duran

Hi all,

I need some opinions and help with a horse diagnosed with osteomyelitis in the left scapula-humerus joint. The horse is a rescue, he had a bad injury that got infected and the infection reached the bone. We found him totally lame and in a very bad condition. The case is in "the horse mouth" so I only put here a brief summary.

The problem is that the horse is not carrying weight over the left hoof which carries in the air and walks by transferring all his weight in the hinds like in a levade. The left hoof is stressed with all the extra weight and the horse has begun to tilt his weight over the hinds to alleviate the right front limb. This is a very risky and critical situation.

The trimmer has adviced this technique  that involves sugardine and a half ball of poriexpan attached to the hind hooves and the right front hoof. I don´t think sealing the hooves with sugardine as seen in the video has any good effect to a laminitic horse and moistening structures can be detrimental for founder but I don´t have experience so need yours.

I would also like to know what´s your opinion about the half ball of poriexpan (also seen in the video), is there any science behind this? The trimmer says it helps the coffin bone not to sink by putting preassure. Is there any good experience with this? Would be something to try?

Any advice to have him comfortable and avoid founder is very very welcome. We are encouraging him to lay down as much as possible, but even with the difficulty he has to move, he is very stuborn and only rests two or three times per day.

Thank you all in advance.

María Durán.
Madrid, Spain.

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