Re: Mechanical founder

Maria Duran

Hi Lavinia,

Thank you so much for this detailed and helpful answer.

We have three different opinions in all this voragine. Vets that say to put him down, vets advicing surgery and one who says, lets wait and see how he does. It is all very difficult. Also we have heard from vets that there might be tendon retraction and mine says it is just the radial nerve the one that is keeping the horse from using the limb what coincides with the surgeon. There are reccomendations for cutting the tendons in the surgery, then saying that is not necessary, you know...everyone has its own opinion about the horse. For the ones that are close to him day by day, we all under our non expert opinion, say that the horse is not ready to go and he has bright eyes, eating very well, moving besides his limitations, has made friendship with two mares in the paddock near him, he is very very alive. 

He also has started to move the front leg as if he was pretending to walk and sometimes he even put a bit of weight on it. I am hoping the joint can be fussioned by itself. There are some videos in The Horse Mouth. I have asked Dr. Kellon about ALCar being an option to help with the nerve regeneration. You would be surprised as I am, seing how easily he gets up, he is an expert. I believe he is not concerned about being down, he trusts and is quiet in an individual paddock so I think that´s not a factor.

About pain, it is difficult to tell but if he has, devil´s claw is in charge of that at least as good as NSAIDs as we weanned him off them and he is not showing more pain than before, however he needed EQzone twice daily before. My vet says he is not on much pain because of the nerve damage.

I don´t know why but today he is walking better, not so much tilting over the hinds, just a tiny bit. I hope tomorrow is the same.

Trim is good in my opinion, I like his trimmer and we put him on boots yesterday (maybe this is the reason why today he is better) also has leg protection, thanks for suggesting it. About the boots, I will ask but I believe he has EQboots. Are these ones as good as the Soft rides?

How much time do you suggest to put him in the sling per day? This is difficult for me to tell.

I understand your explanation about the ball of poriexpan but I am thinking one thing, the pressure would be transferred to the sole through the center of the ball as this is the most prominent part, so even if the base is flat, it would be trasnferred to that place. Am I in a wrong thinking process and the forces would still be spread over the whole sole? Is not styrofoam the same as poriexpan? I am confused with what you said about the "giving" of the material.

I am going to translate all this to the trimmer Lavinia so that he has a new perspective, he is not used to laminitis of founder but it is a very honest person an a good trimmer who listens.

So, do you say that the poriexpan does not have enough "give"?

Thank you!

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