Negative side effects of Jiaogulan based on pathology?

Michelle Coburn

I've (re)started my thin soled mare (I do use Hoof Armor) on J-herb to try and increase circulation and get better blood flow to build sole depth. After 4 days she's coming up lame, limping on front right, which is her weakest thinnest hoof sole. Boots and pads, and photobiomodulation are being used. My first question is, is there a certain set of circumstances like hers (ski tipping of coffin bone) which ISN'T helped by Jherb, and will only cause discomfort, or is it worth continuing to use it, even though it's probably moving some ugly internal hoof pathology to rear it's ugly head that may be beyond help? Second question is: I know Dr Kellon recommends soaking with Epsom salt baths, but with a thin soled horse (<10 mm) what should I do? It's always such a balancing act, and this is only the second time since I've owned her she's had this, we've been maintaining very well, with Pete Ramey helping me. He's kind of out of circulation now, but we do have David Landreville coming this weekend, and he's going to look at her. Thanks for the information, I appreciate this group so much, and even though I don't post often I read the daily messages. I have uploaded hoof rads somewhere in here!

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