Re: Negative side effects of Jiaogulan based on pathology?

Michelle Coburn

Thanks Lavinia, I have been using Hoof Armor for awhile now on the front half of the sole. Won't this effect getting drainage out? I just applied a new layer not too long before this issue surfaced, of course!  She's ALWAYS in boots/pads when out of her paddock, with is a mix of dirt, pea gravel and stall pads/mats.

I almost feel like I should back off the Jherb, but maybe since I've started this process it's better to see it through? With the ski tipping of the coffin bone, is there going to be increase in circulation with all the bony changes? So hard to know how to move forward! I also have been giving it mixed with a little water in a syringe, but she's not having that any more. What changes in effectiveness or dosage if given with food? Sorry for all the questions, but these are this is keeping me up at night.  :(
Michelle and Jazzy
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