Help with Hoof Evaluation

Rachel Fazio

Hi - I have been a passive member since 2106, and just recently uploaded my case history and photo album with the hopes of getting some guidance on my horses hooves and how to communicate with my new trimmer as we recently had to make a change.   

I feel like something is not being done quite right with his trim, but am not sure if I am imagining things - his feet were right where we wanted them and we had to make the switch, and I want to avoid heading in the wrong direction.  He isn't lame, but they just look different - so figure maybe Lavina could take a look if she has a moment and tell me I have nothing to worry about or give me some advice.  Anyway the trimmer is coming on Saturday the 31st - so if it isn't possible I understand, I did try to send it in with more time, but I don't know what happened there.

My horse is Ty, I am Rachel.

Many thanks, for this and for all that the amazing ECIR volunteers do!


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