Re: Abscesses, antibiotics, and bute

Barbara Rosensteel

Thank you Lavinia.  I am sorry for taking weeks to reply.   The abscess blew out a small hole on the edge of the hoof near the heel.  I kept it clean and put on gauze pads until it was finished draining, then continued to clean well until it was drained and closed up.   Then on July 22nd he didn't want to put weight on his left hind foot, and I thought it might be another abscess.  However he had a high temperature and by Saturday, the left hind leg was badly swollen from the groin down to the coronet.   I thought it might be damage and inflammation to the deep digital flexor tendon except for the high temperature (102.5 - 104.5).   I gave him bute to try to bring down the temperature and cold hosed his leg Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning.   I began to think it might be lymphagitis.   I couldn't get one of the veterinarians out on Monday, so called another and stopped by her office to get banamine in order to trailer him to her clinic.  She said she did not think it was lymphagitis, and drew blood to send to Cornell for a tick-borne disease panel as she thought it could be Lyme disease.    She gave him a shot of dexamethasone and an antibiotic (Excede).   That was last Monday.  The swelling went down after the antibiotic and dex and he was pretty much back to normal by Tuesday.    The tick-borne disease tests came back negative.  I still don't know what caused the swelling and high fever.

I have Cavallo boots for him but they are now too big following his last two trims.  I have to order new boots and am considering Scoot boots or Easyboots or Renegades.  I need to order them ASAP because after the trimmer removed the flaky, chipped hoof wall he is putting even more weight on the flat, thin soles.


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