Sloughed bars


Out with the old, in with the new? 

My gelding is about 12-14 weeks out from his toxic laminitis event; post surgical salmonella infection. I have been re-aligning his hoofs (17-18 degrees rotation with medial sinking) and he has been walking comfortably in cloud boots. Last week as I was cleaning his hoof, his bars on his right front hoof just easily flaked off. His sole at the tip of P3 was also much more sensitive and easily depressable. In the last 48 hrs he is more painful, going from an Obel 1b to 2, mostly due to his discomfort of that right front. 

So Ramey says that the P3 sole thinning is to be expected in horses who have rotated this much at this time in healing and to support this ( I dremmeled a crescent into the hoof pad to accommodate it as Ramey suggests). The sloughing of his bars was surprising to me. Any thoughts about how to keep on supporting his sole remodel and his bars? 

He continues to land flat-footed but should I not continue his PT walking? We have been walking for 15-20 minutes twice daily and he has a nice paddock attached to his stall. Should I limit his movement until his sole under P3 gets less "spooky"?

fyi, I am an equine veterinarian but am semi-retired so I rely on colleagues for expensive equipment use like rads and such. ;)

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