Lavinia - Hoof Maintenance

Jessica Brown

Dr. Kellon indicated that my 17 year old quarter horse had underrun heels and that might be a contributor to her recent lameness.  Someone else on the thread indicated I should post a request to Lavinia specifically.  So, here it is. (If others have comments on how to ensure my horse's hooves remain in the best condition possible, I am here to listen.) 

My farrier trims my horse every six weeks, but her hooves grow really quickly; I try to rasp her some about every two weeks.  My farrier visited on Oct 22 and my uploaded hoof pictures were taken on Nov 2.  At this point, I had not done any hoof maintenance.

I normally rasp the toe and front quarters back so they are only a little longer than the sole and not flared.  (I heard one person on the ECIR thread discuss trimming in to the white line.  I have not done this, and I do not believe that my trimmer does this either.  Is there a video or site that explains this well?)

I do a little bit with the heels, but I am not as comfortable with heel work.  I know that the heels are somewhat flared, but I am not exactly sure the best way to address this.  I am guessing this is linked somewhat with the underrun heels.  Is there a video or site that explains how to address this?  

Based on the trim in the photos, do I need to identify a new trimmer to work with my horse?  (Sadly, I am somewhat limited because I only have one horse.  Even the trimmer that I use has me trailer in to another barn.)  Or, are there specific recommendations that I need to make to my trimmer?

When I do maintenance work, is there anything specific that I need to focus on?  What areas would you regularly maintain, and how would you know you had done enough?

Thanks so much for any guidance!

Jessica B
GA, 2021


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