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Hi Valeree, Apologies if this is of no help at all and I do not profess to be a hoof expert but am curious about your thoughts .... if the farrier trims him like the vet wants, it looks like that will put the pedal bone at a negative angle?  From my experience and exploration around the subject, heel and sole is pretty critical for laminitis healing (as well as proper hoof function). How much of a "farrier" is your vet? I have had vets give me all sorts of weird advice so I have learned to trust my gut a lot too and be a bit pushy for explanations/further investigations when I am not confident about their decisions. My current vet will give observations, but will pretty much leave it up to the farrier on the "how to" aspects. He also is perhaps a bit less proactive in that respect as he doesn't like to be too prescriptive but is more "diagnostic". 
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