Re: Looking for second (or third) opinion

Valeree Smith

Sadly, just now getting back to this so thank you to all for the responses.

The trim has yet to be corrected.  The one day my farrier was able to stop by (he comes from a distance) we had gale force winds. I won't risk horse or shoer in the winds we get.

Yes, both feet were on blocks.  Yes, his legs were underneath him.  As of this morning, he is still off but now it's different than before.  Yes, I should have taken B4 and after videos but I will try to get hoof pics.

The lovely free shouldered stride he used to have is gone.  The classic heel first landing that he could have been the poster child for is also gone.  He's not landing toe first, but lands more on the front of his foot.  (It's hard to get video and handle the horse at the same time and I have few options for help.)

To say this is frustrating is an understatement.  I'm aware of the ringbone (I used to think it was that simple) but trying not to aggravate that while keeping an eye on the flat CB and the HPA angle is above my pay grade.

Thanks for listening.

Valeree & Azzy

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