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Joy V

My gelding was diagnosed navicular in 2015.  He was shod in special shoes w/ pads for over 2 years, etc etc and nothing helped him.  Turns out he had deep central sulcus thrush and was toe first landing for many years.  This issue was missed by three vets, (having had 5 lameness exams).  Four different hoof care professions also never seemed to notice the thrush.

After the thrush was treated, and once he was (finally) diagnosed with PPID/IR, and that was under control, he was completely sound by August of last year with no sign of "navicular".  He had been lame since before the rads he got in 2015.  I learned a lot from reading Pete Ramey's articles on his website, studies and articles by Dr. Bowker, and then once I found an excellent hoof care professional and this group, got the PPID/IR DX, everything got better for my horse.  Shoes did absolutely nothing to help him.  I was paying $375 every 6 weeks for shoes & pads (on his front feet only!) and he had thrush with toe first landing and constant low-grade laminitis.  My poor horse.

I guess my point is that according to studies by Dr. Bowker, even when horses navicular bones show changes, or show navicular bone deterioration on rads,  that doesn't always mean the pain is from their navicular bones.  It can be many other things, and in my opinion, it's very much worth checking into everything that you can.

There is a good section on Pete Ramey's website re navicular that you might be interested in checking out if you haven't already.  Navicular Syndrome    Apologies if you have already looked into all of the potential issues.

tl;dr shoes do not always help in my experience

I hope your mare feels better and becomes sound.  <3


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