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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Shera,

I'd be careful with raised frog pads on a horse unless it's regularly landing heels first, as that could apply constant pressure to the frogs/heels which the horse isn't ready to accept - leading to sustained toe-first landings. Experiment with which type of padding Sophie seems to prefer and be prepared to change to different padding as her comfort dictates.

A six week trim cycle usually won't stay on top of toes that are out ahead of where they need to be, esp. when coupled with crushed/underrun heels.You can experiment with adding jiaogulan to help increase circulation, which will accelerate hoof and sole growth:,%20Nitric%20Oxide%20Support,%20AAKG%20and%20Supps/Jiaogulan%20Doses%20and%20Precautions.pdf,%20Nitric%20Oxide%20Support,%20AAKG%20and%20Supps/Jiaogulan,%20when%20to%20try%20it%20and%20what%20to%20expect.pdf

Easyboot gloves are a reasonable choice for a non-therapy boot, as they can be heat fit, cut out, adjusted to fit well:

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