New Horse Hoof question

Kandace Krause

I am looking at purchasing a new horse.  The vet who did her Pre-purchase exam told me she had a club foot, he took rads of it and her other "normal" foot.

I have only seen the bad one as a text photo but have asked for email copies AND his opinion on consequences to this specific horse and confirmation.  Too me it looks long toed and high heeled, as does my farrier, who said it looked like 56 degree coffin bone (means nothing to me, at this point) and I am wondering if this group can offer direction on going forward with this purchase and maintenance.  My IR horse foundered and original diagnosis (with rads) was road founder because of poor trim/shoeing, but subsequent blood work showed insulin resistance and PPID, so while a factor not the only cause.

Sorry, I am going to have to look up how to attach my signature to this group?

Rocky Mountains Alberta

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