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Amberlee, I certainly am no expert, but I will tell you about Tilly
recently. As many know she foundered back in August 2004 and didn't
make any progress until spring of 2006 for lack of a trimmer that
could help her. We tried, but failed. He had been bringing her
along very slowly and her toes got ahead of us, she ran around to
much and rotated again in Fed. this year in her right front. So the
trimmer took her toes way back like they should have been and
started to aggressively bring her heels down. Within a couple
days Tilly started to tell us she was sore in the heel from doing
this because she started to walk on her right toe. I put a tiny
wedge under her heel that would flatten down within a couple days
and she walked great much better. I have been doing this now for
about a month and she is walking normal. Today no wedge under the
right heel.
Maybe he needs a little wedge under those heels to help him through
the transition.
This is what helped Tilly.
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Hoping for more response! To update, we've really watched this
guy as he's walked around his corral and he is landing toe first.

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I've uploaded a large number of photos into a Folder called
Conan. This is a 19 year old QH gelding we brought home 2 weeks
ago. He has been shown all over the place. Complaints from his
previous owner and farrier is that they could never get any heel on
this horse, he was flat soled and prone to bruising and thrush.
He's lived in a stall most of his life.

We immediately noticed Grade 3 lameness in Left Front. We had the
veterinarian give him a quick glance <not full exam> and he
encouraged us to correct his feet immediately.

He was a bit sore for about 24 hours after this process. He is
now still Grade 3 lame in front left (has improved slightly) - sound
everywhere else.

After this initial visit Conan lifted his legs like a TWH in The
Big Lick class!! It was amazing to watch him for the first 15

What I'd like to get around to discussing is what kinds of
stresses will have been placed on the bones, joints, ligaments with
feet like this - he's had the same farrier for over 10 years until
he came here. We plan to keep him resting in a corral for another
month before pursuing diagnositcs on the Left Front. I feel an
increase in hoof temperature on the Inside of the Left Front
compared to the rest - no pulses.

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