Hoof trim examples somewhere?


Hi Everyone,

Is there a video I can find somewhere that shows Bowker's approach to long toes / underrun heels? ie. Backing through the white line?

Can this be done when the soles are thin? Is this the only way to get the toe back or would weekly trims to the white line achieve the same?
What about the heels and heel flares? 

I have Pete Ramey's book and videos and have watched Dr Bowker in several interviews on the long toe, underrun heel but just would love to see a video of what it looks like to take the toe back through the white line. Thanks for any help,

(Diet is good, just growing hoof out but need to improve sole depth and get toe back a bit more and develop caudal foot. Using boots and treating thrush but the conditions are very wet which is not helping much)
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