Re: Hoof trim examples somewhere?


Thanks, Lavinia. I took the toe back with the nippers and beveled to the white line (so not right through it because of the think sole) and the horses (I have 2 that I did today) ended up with the breakover just in front of the callus. Didn't take any sole. Visually that it took it back quite a way and appeared to also change the HPA for the better. They were a tiny bit sore so I put boots on them. (I have had farriers trimming them forever and they never got the toes back this far. Hence the issues I have had with pedal bone remodelling in one, and a mechanical laminitis in the other, plus low palmar/plantar angles)

I am unsure how often / much I need to do this? When do I know it is far enough? Do I aim for 50:50 balance of the foot? Should I re x-ray? We are in autumn now so hoof growth is slowing, plus it is very wet underfoot. Unsure when to add the jiaogulan?

I assume that this in itself will help increase the sole depth, although I have read that Pete Ramey says some horses will callus at about 12mm and that is "normal" for them? These two are about 12mm on xray, but that was also with too long toes so perhaps I will be able to get them improved from that. I am trying to get work boots for them so I can increase the exercise.

Thanks for your help.
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