Re: Looking for trimmer near Orange/Culpeper Va

Griffin Keller

Honestly I don't know! :P  I'll have to ask him next time he's hear if they are related.

Jarred is his name - he came into our lives after a prior farrier kept laming Sully with hot nails, etc. We've only once had a "bad nail" in two years and it was one that pulled out that got stuck between his shoe and the hoof but as soon as I sent him a text with a pic he came out right away to fix that as Sully is a bit "princess and pea" about it all. lol

My daughter's horse had a set of abscesses from when we brought him home that took 3 months to come out - 2x thru the sole and then finally out the top too!  A year later we have just a small crack that is working it's way out as the last evidence of that ordeal (horse was 3 legging hopping about at times)


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