White Line bruising


My horse will be 8 y/o in Sept.  He has recently developed bruising of the white line this spring/summer. He was just trimmed on June 25th and the farrier found the bruising in all 4 feet. The horse in not tender nor lame and the farrier stated this is caused by insulin and advised the horse is at risk of laminitis.

My horse is in a small bermuda grass paddock, which stays eaten down to the nub always because it is so small (approx 1/4 acre).  He is not overweight. He has a round bale of coastal bermuda hay free choice. I also feed 1.5 Lb of Triple Crown Lite with 1.5 Lb of Stanlee Alfalfa/Timothy pellets in 2 feedings daily.  Since the bruising was first noted, I added Remission. He also gets Vit E, 2 T salt, 1 cup of ground flax, 2 T chia seeds and MSM daily.;

What would be recommended to hopefully prevent laminitis in terms of feed changes?

The stable has no option but small paddocks, there is no barn, no stalls. Cannot be removed from grass.

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