Re: Removing the Hoof wall/laminar wedge

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Hi Claire

Welcome to the list! Glad you and Walt are here. For those of you who have not met
Claire, she and Walt are co-moderators fo teh barefoothorsecarelist.

Thanks for your reivew of how you work on a foundered foot. It is very much the way my
guy was trimmed.

With this method I've seen stretched white lines grow back strong
and tight, as well as reducing distal descent when it was
excessive. The only time the white line has remained stretched is
the case of a mare who's Insulin Resistance isn't controlled well :-(
And THIS is definitely the case with Beau. My issues are iron overload and my testing the
limits of trim and exercise compensation with time out in the pasture. Sometimes you
have to be hit on the head a couple of times to get it. His feet should be so much better
than they are now.

All that said, I'm unaware of what effect a lack of pressure would
have on cb remodelling. With a 'radical' trim though, there is
still pressure on the coffin bone right the way around, so it isn't
a consideration <G>.
Clearly, I have not done the explanation justice, but hope to get it right when seeing Dr
Bowker again this summer. I'll let ya know!

Thanks again Claire!

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

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