Re: P3 rotation can be seen on hoof wall without radiographs???

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Hi Jo Ann

Certainly external rings are an indication that someting is going on inside the foot. Not
sure by what they meant as a short time, but I would not be willing to accept a founder
diagnosis or a trimming protocol on the lack of founder rings or the lack of reaction to
hoof testers. If you know you have had or suspect laminitis, then I think it is prudent to
get xrays. The outside of the hoof can tell the pros many things but there are often times
when those external signs could be very misleading.

If you are in the mood to look at lots of dissected feet to see just how amazingly adaptable
the internal stucture of the foot are, go to

There are a number of cases here where one could make a huge mistake if going about
trimming by judging only the external structure.

Nancy C and Beau and Gabe in NH

I've had two farriers tell me that P3 rotation will show up on the
hoof wall as a horizontal line in a very short period of time after a
laminitis attack. Also, if there is no line, then you don't need
radiographs since no rotation has occurred. Ditto if there is no
reaction to hoof testers on toe or heel.

Is this true?
Jo Ann

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