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Hi Karen,

Sometimes we need to make an adjustment to one structure for overall
benefit, that can then lead to sufficient change in another to cause
temporary discomfort. While we always hope it won't happen, it does on
occasion. Great that she is feeling better already - she is probably
managing okay by herself. At least you were forewarned!

Every case is different, and what might seem totally appropriate to me
could be a major mistake for you and her, so I won't make any specific
recommendations. In general though, if a horse is sore I let them pick
the level of movement they like (which might be anything from nothing at
all to zooming around the paddock at a high speed gimp <G>). I figure
that they know just how much they can use the injured part, as long as
we haven't interfered with their perception of the injury, that is <G>.
If the pain is from the feet then booting and padding can be useful. I
don't like restricting movement unless there is a serious injury that
needs limited movement to heal. If the horse is unhappy, then a small
amount of anti-inflammatory may be appropriate - remember that the horse
may then feel well enough to do more than she ought to though, so keep a
close eye on the amount of movement they make.

You could ask Randy (since he knows your particular circumstances) what
he thinks should be done 'if' she should happen to get sore again either
from this particular hoof rebalancing or from a future trimming tweak.
It may be a simple as 'let her do nothing for a day', or a little
massage on tight muscles, or boots and pads, or he may recommend a
little Devils Claw or similar (whatever is appropriate for her) to take
the edge off.

Hope she stays happy and comfortable!

Claire Vale
New Zealand

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Yesterday when my trimmer was working on Tommi he mentioned her back
feet needed a little work on the outside edge toward the heel. I
think he said the hoof wall had rolled under a little. He said she
may be sore in the hocks tomorrow. I wish I would have paid more
attention,but I didn't. Today she is sore in her back legs and she is
walking stiff. Any suggestions. I called Randy, but he is out of
town on an emergency so I cannot talk to him until Monday.
Any suggestions.
Karen, and Tommi

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