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Sorry for the delay in replying - computer problems.

Thank you for posting the photos and first radiographs. It would
interesting to see the most recent ones.
You have done pretty well with the photos but the lateralones
are better if taken with the camera on the ground.

Further questions
How old is he? 22 yrs
How long ago since he had his bout of laminitis? hard to pinpoint,
because it wasn't a classic case, but i beleive around april 2006
Does he often stand with the right foot further back than the left
foot? i think that was just coincidence, but i will pay closer
Is the positioning of the feet in the photos unusual?

The good thing is that there looks to be even new growth but there
been quite a lot of damage done and thus only the top part is
supporting the front of the bone at the moment.
No exercise at the moment.
what does that mean? he does walk around on 8 acres daily to
graze...and sometimes will run and buck on his own..
I will give fuller response when I have
the other details.
I will take better pictures tomorrow when i have my daughter here
to help me, and i will get the new radiographs next week...thanks so
much for your input!


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This is directed to John the vet...have you had a chance to look
the photos i posted? i know i haven't put up his new xrays, but
vet and farrier both thought they looked great and agreed to
pads off. I would very much like to start light riding again
before he is totally out of shape and loses all his muscle mass.
thanks, Ann-Marie

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