Re: Riding Bullet


Hi John and Ann-Marie,
First, GREAT to see folks active here since we've just opened this branch of EquineCushings and Insulin Resistance!!
I just wanted to note that this discussion is the perfect sort to actually have on the main list rather than here -- that way others who like to help look at hoof photos or x-rays, and those who want to learn by listenting in can participate.  Not to mention that discussions there can often wind up helping in terms of trying to avoid any further exacerbations or attacks too. 
I haven't checked to see exactly what the full discussion is either here or on the main list, or your membership status, but hope neither of you would mind moving the discussion to the EC list?  Please, let us know if you don't want to for whatever reason tho, ok?  Of course it would help if you'd also be willing to explain why, although there isn't any requirement to do so.  We'll just be trying to sort out what is usually discussed here, vs. on the main list and the more input from folks, the better. 
To email your posts to the main list, its:  EquineCushings@...
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