Re: P3 rotation can be seen on hoof wall without radiographs???

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I've had two farriers tell me that P3 rotation will show up on the
hoof wall as a horizontal line in a very short period of time after a
laminitis attack. Also, if there is no line, then you don't need
radiographs since no rotation has occurred. Ditto if there is no
reaction to hoof testers on toe or heel.
Jo Ann
Jo Ann,
I do not necessarily agree with the farriers you have talked to.
Horizontal hoof wall lines can show up for a variety of reasons:
laminitis and nutritional changes being two of the most common. It
does not mean that rotation has or has not occured. Looking at the
foot externally you are better off to look at the new growth coming in
from the coronary band. In horses that have "rotated" you will often
see a new "angle" growing in right up by the coronary band. It will be
very steep just below the coronary band and then suddenly the foot will
look like the toe is running forward. As trimmers we look at this to
determine some of what is going on inside of the hoof and adjust
trimming from there but ultimately having a good set of radiographs
gives you a whole lot more information. P3 rotation is only part of
the picture.....distal displacement also needs to be assessed (sinkage)
and in my opinion it is difficult to judge that just by looking at the
foot only. Hope this helps.
Suzanne Owens, LVT

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