Re: When is it safe to ride?

John Stewart

Hi Ann-Marie,

There are too many "it depends" to give a straight answer to this. Some of the things it depends on are;
How severe was the laminitis episode?
Was it the first time or has he had it before?
Do you think you know what set it off?
Was there rotation of the pedal bone and, if so, was the rotation relative to the hoof capsule, the line of the pastern or to the ground?
If IR or Cushing's were involved in setting the laminitis off, have you sorted the diet or giving pergolide?
What is the angle of the trim of the hoof; high heel or low heel?
Are they ordinary shoes, or is there support to the frog or the back of the foot?
Has the breakover of the shoe been brought back or is it just a normal shoe positioned normally on the foot?

If trimmed and shod so that the levering forces are not minimised, then the longer you will have to wait to exercise him safely.
Can you post photographs of Bullet's feet?
(photos taken from ground level -camera on the ground, from in front of the foot, directly from the side and one of the sole as well)


My horse is recovering from laminitis/founder. He is no longer
rotated and his "new" hoof is about 1/4 new . He is showing no signs
of lameness and hasn't for a couple of months. My farrier says to
wait basically till he has a whole new hoof. and yes, he is still on
front shoes. I would love
to start doing some light riding on him, but of course i don't want to
jeapardize his health. Thanks,
Ann-Marie and Bullet

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