Re: [EquineCushings] Barefootin' - a little rant

Abby Nemec

Lynn Swearingen wrote:

Your points are valid but most shoers go right to work also.
It's like anything, experience is best.
That WAS my point.

But......a heart bar shoe, even properly applied is not what is best
I'm taking this discussion to EC hoof. BUT I WILL say for the record here that you can't make blanket statements like that. Every situation is different. When I said "heart bars are better than barefoot" that's not what I meant, unfortunately. I was trying to keep my comments concise, but in that case I was too concise. I meant "a good trim on the right shoe is better than a bad trim or an unsupported foot". Not every horse/owner situation can make that barefoot transition gracefully at a time when the feet are in bad shape to begin with. If too much dorsal wall and/or sole have been removed already, then leaving the foot bare may well expose it to a catastrophic collapse.

I can't always control the feet a client brings me - but I CAN control how I deal with them. I won't say I'm never going to put heart bars on, but I will say I haven't done it yet ...

A correct trim, with the angles allowing the coffin bone to be ground parallel is what is needed,
Yes, but "correct" is debatable. If we're going to debate that we need to do it on the other site, it's OT here.

A pathological hoof needs circulation and mechanism. A shoe inhibits that.
Not as much as letting a too-short foot stand on its sole! Try it sometime. On second thought, don't.


Abby Bloxsom

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