Re: Barefootin' - a little rant

Abby Nemec

thefeet2003 wrote:

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> > had shod horses for
> > several years.
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> This is the important part ... >
An even more important part.... Although he had been shoeing horses
for years, it still took education on barefoot trimming and the wild
horse model to get the results. Is that what I am reading?
No, that's not what I meant at all. Honestly the wild horse model isn't really very useful to me in this climate. I have a few feet in my practice that look like that, but it's a VERY climate-specific trim. I meant that this person had years of hoof-work under his belt. The thing you learn when you do this over time is this: today I trim a horse. I leave and the feet look like I want them to. I come back 6 weeks later and they look different. If I put the shoe in a different place, use a clipped shoe, use trailers, use a half-round shoe, then each time I come back the foot will have changed in a different way.

Feet grow and respond differently to weather conditions, diet, exercise, and trimming/shoeing. The responses you get to the work you do are going to vary. Even people who are "one method shoers" or trimmers - even people who are not creating a functional foot - have a memory bank of horses and feet that they have worked on. When they see a foot they can go "I've seen that before", and have a recollection of what they did with it and what the results of that action were.

THAT'S what I mean by experience. You can be told "if you see this, then you should do that because ..." but it's NOT the same as having actually DONE it. I heard people say "you can't take that toe back so far because the wall will be too thin ..." but until I did it, and the poor horse's foot split in half right up the abscess tract, and it took me a whole year to grow it out, I didn't have a really good appreciation for WHY. And when I saw that scenario again, I didn't take the wall back so far.


Abby Bloxsom

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