Re: Helping Toby was test results are back

J Amick

Why is this pony thin soled?     What's  causing this if the farrier isn't taking any sole off?
Do you watch this farrier work?   Any paring away of the sole?    
IF   the farrier isn't taking it off,  then nothing is being produced within.  

This was the problem with my own gelding, due to lyme disease metabolic screw up.  
This  lyme disease also pushed him into IR and Cushings,  with iron overloaded liver,
but the end result was no sole growth.   All of these problems had to be resolved  and
it included  good farrier work done.   That was 2 yrs ago now.    I watch him like a hawk
for any steps backward in his condition.

I have my gelding in Soft Ride boots now, with 6"  of bedding shavings when in at night
and he is barefoot.    But initially he penetrated both front feet. 
You need to get some support now,  irregardless of why he  has thin soles  currently or
you will make this problem alot worse.  

The mud and  frozen ice are terribly rough on feet and with think soles "Yikes"...

Abby Bloxsom wrote:

Kathleen wrote:

> 7 years old, 6 laminitic attacks, not IR and not Cushing's? Clearly,
> something is driving the laminitis, but what?

Helen Benoit wrote:
> He's thin
> soled and seems to get worse when there's mud and lots of rain.

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