Re: Abrasive Trim with the grinder - cadaver legs & Sherrie's competition

Vicki Kline <vlk@...>

--- In ECHoof@..., "ranginui2007" <lynjwilliams@...> wrote:
and it's easy to take off too much. So
approach with care and if you can - get hold of a cadaver hoof and
practice with that first.
Ooohhh - Sherrie if you pick up some cadaver legs, I'll take some too.
I did a dissection clinic about 3 years ago and would like to do
another, but getting the feet is the biggest chore.

BTW if anyone is going to the Horse Expo in PA, there will be a
dissection done there on 2 different days. Awesome to see the actual

AND at that same expo, Sherrie is going to be competing in the Wind
Rider Challenge. GO SHERRIE & BLUE!!


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