Re: Dremel tool

Mandy Woods

I have found using the sandpaper barrel on the dremel works pretty good getting through the cast to the aluminum shoe.  It also works great on ramping the bars.   Actually, its my favorite accessory for the dremel.  When I double cast him and decided to take them off , the sandpaper barrel really went through the casts pretty fast if you put pressure on it. 
Eleanor suggested that since Asher is in casts and the weather has been so cold down here that I wrap his front feet.... What fits over a cast foot?  I cut off some jean legs and slid them over his cast then doubled the left over fabric up the back of the leg.  To make that waterproof,  I had some old 45 ml pond liner that I cut in a rather large circle and placed his jeaned foot/cast in the center and then pulled the sides up and duct taped that around the pastern. They stayed on, he stayed dry (we had snow) and warm.  
Asher has been in casts for a used to take me two days to get one off.  Now I can take one off and recast in one day!  I like to trim the foot immediately while its still 'soft'.   The secret is in the correct tools.  Nippers are wonderful,  sharp rasps are most helpful,  I use shrubbery clippers for the heel to shoe cut and then start peeling the edges with the nippers after all the rasping to the shoe is done.  I love the dremel tool and I've used an angle grinder on him too but that is too noisy and bulky for me.

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