Re: Anyone do the Abrasive Trim with the grinder?

Sherrie Hilliard

the knees and used the seat.....except I fell off just sitting on the
darned thing. Figured I'd better just learn the position and get it
over with.
I can see that happening to me too. Vicki, did you find the KC clinic
worthwhile? I was thinking about it, but thought it pricey for someone
just wanting to do their own two horses only 6 monthse of the
year....though I'm sure their is much to learn from watching/working
with different trimmers.

I wanted to make a tape for Sherrie that said "don't push so hard" on
the rasp, but she didn't go for it :)
I don't need the tape, Vicki. I hear your mantra every time that rasp
catches--not too hard, not too hard. :-)

Sherrie & Blue

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