Re: Abrasive Trim with the grinder - cadaver legs & Sherrie's competition

Sherrie Hilliard

Where does one locate cadaver hooves? Wonder if the local rendering
plant has them?

BTW if anyone is going to the Horse Expo in PA, there will be a
dissection done there on 2 different days. Awesome to see the actual
The PA Expo disections by KC are:
Saturday 2/23 1-2 in Seminar Hall A and Sunday 2/24 1-2 in Seminar Hall
Since I'll be there for the Wind Rider Challenge, I'll definitely try
to get in to see at least one of the disection. And, by the way, I
found out I am riding in the preliminaries on Saturday, sometime
between 11 and 1. Wish us luck!

Sherrie & Blue

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