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The sole grows from the bars forward and sideways and yes, a sinking CB will flatten the sole. It can only regain concavity with the right diet, correct trim and adequate exercise.
Ute Miethe  - LMT/LAMT NCTMB
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Subject: [ECHoof] Question about hoof growth

This is probably a stupid question...but I am trying to sort through
everything I am learning about feet in an effort to return my horse to
soundness permanantly.

I understand that the hoof grows from the top down. It has always been
obvious to me when looking at the hoof walls. Where does the sole
grow from? Does it grow out from under the coffin bone? If the
coffin bone has some sinking, will the growth of the sole be
affected? Will it really eventually gain the concavity it had
previous to the 'incident' as my farrier/trimmer has suggested?


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