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I would agree with that completely. In my opinions bars are often over trimmed anyway. Unless they are grossly laid over, in which case they might affect the horse negatively, I think bars are there for a reason. I actually believe they provide traction for the bottom of the hoof.
You trimmer seems to be doing all the right things :-)
Ute Miethe  - LMT/LAMT NCTMB
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Thank you Ute for the explaination - that helps a lot. Which leads
to another question.

My trimmer didn't want to trim back the bars much because of the
sinking. She felt that the coffin bone is sitting on the sole and
needs the support right now. My horse has a nice big frog, and she
only trimmed the bars to be even with the frog. She said she would
trim the bars back if my vet advised that to be appropriate, but my
vet didn't have an opinion. Should she trim the bars now or wait a
bit? She is coming back in 2 weeks...


"Ute" wrote:
> The sole grows from the bars forward and sideways and yes, a
sinking CB will flatten the sole. It can only regain concavity with
the right diet, correct trim and adequate exercise.

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