Re: Sharp Rasps?

Abby Nemec

kawright wrote:
You mentioned that you like a sharp rasp. The ones I can get from a local tack store are not very sharp (or inexpensive). Are there any particular brands that are sharper??
Most aggressive & durable rasp on the market is the Heller Legend. The Black Legend is somewhat more durable but not nearly as sharp. I have used the new Columbian-made Hellers and they are absolutely up to snuff, but they are back-ordered at the manufacturer right now, so if you find any stores that still have them in stock be sure to snap them up!

Second choice is the Bellota Top Sharp (not the Classic) which actually is almost as sharp as the Heller but not quite as durable, but has the advantage of having greater tooth coverage over the rasp side (the teeth are closer to the edges).

Third choice is the Savedge rasp - biggest selling rasp among shoers. It's actually a little sharper than the Bellota but MUCH less durable especially when you're rasping barefoot horses & have to file through grit, dirt, etc.

If you do buy a Heller, be *exceedingly* careful handling it without gloves.


Abby Bloxsom

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