Re: Question about hoof growth

Abby Nemec

Stacy wrote:

If the coffin bone has some sinking, will the growth of the sole be affected? Will it really eventually gain the concavity it had previous to the 'incident' as my farrier/trimmer has suggested?
When the coffin bone sinks, the circulation becomes disrupted underneath, which affects the growth pattern of the sole. Concavity, however, isn't really IN the sole, though it seems like it should be. Concavity is formed when the walls have good laminar connections and are able to share the weight of the horse. Without tight laminae, the walls can't support the coffin bone. When they can, the sole is lifted into a concave shape underneath, and the solar connections between P3 and sole are restored. THEN concavity returns and the foot becomes functional.

And yes, that can be done, with the DDT-E strictly applied.


Abby Bloxsom

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