Re: Sharp Rasps?

Suzanne Harford

--- In ECHoof@..., Abby Bloxsom <dearab@...> wrote:

If you do buy a Heller, be *exceedingly* careful handling it without


LOL! I learned that the hard way!

Our farrier has been helping me learn to maintain Cassie's feet
between his 6-week visits and is nice enough to keep me set up with a
good Heller rasp. After being used to "feed store" rasps, I removed a
good portion of knuckle the first time I used a Heller. Gloves are a
must with those things.

Also, he found the same thing as Abby re: Savedge durability. I
remember when he tried those - went through several just at our barn.
He always returns to the Hellers.

Suzanne and Cassie

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